Getting Stuck

I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to find something to write about. I’m feeling blank. Slept badly, I guess. Is this writers block?

No…I don’t believe in writers block. But I do believe that ideas need time to appear. And that sometimes, but not always, they appear when we simply let go. There we are! There’s the idea for today. And that is, the notion of letting go and it’s opposite of trying to hard.

Letting go is also a practice. It can be scary and thrilling. But it is without a doubt a useful skill to acquire. Letting go lets me get unstuck. As it did just then…Letting go is the releasing of conscious effort and just seeing what happens. Some people like to plan. Sometimes this is good. But it can also lead to a rigidity in thought and outlook. When you see yourself getting stuck…let go! let go! let go! Trust me it will be worth it.

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